Staying hydrated is essential to your health, and many homeowners opt to connect water purification systems to their home water lines to ensure their tap water is safe to drink. Additionally, purified water tastes fresh and crisp, making it easier to drink the recommended daily amount for men and women.

Water treatment systems purify water by removing heavy metals and other impurities, and the systems are easy to install with the assistance of a plumbing professional. If you’re looking to improve the quality of your home water supply, here’s some helpful information about the best water treatment method options, and how Bumble Bee Plumbing can assist with installing your system.

What are the Most Popular Types of Water Treatment Methods?

Water filtration systems utilize purification technology to eliminate a wide range of contaminants and filter out impurities, resulting in clean water. Some of the best water treatment method options include:

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis works by filtering your home’s water through a semipermeable membrane. The semipermeable membrane keeps contaminants out of the water. This filtration system is considered one of the best water purification methods for home use because it prevents calcium, salts, and other harmful elements from mixing with your tap water.

It’s important to schedule regular reverse osmosis water service visits from a plumber to keep your system running smoothly.

Ion Exchange Purification Systems

Ion exchange methods for home water filtration remove contaminants by softening the water with ion exchange resins.

In short, ion exchange systems remove contaminants such as magnesium and calcium from the water. Ion exchange resins continue to gain popularity for creating purified drinking water.

Activated Carbon Filters

Many homeowners believe that activated carbon filters are the best water treatment method because the filters remove multiple contaminants, including chlorine, volatile organic compounds, and microplastics.

Activated carbon filters can be installed with under-sink units that connect directly to the under-sink plumbing fixtures. They can also be inserted into special pitchers to filter water straight from the tap.

Determining the Best Water Treatment Method to Suit Your Needs

If you need assistance with water testing or determining the best water treatment method for your home or business, Bumble Bee Plumbing can help.

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