If your home’s pipes seem hopelessly clogged, or your drains frequently run slowly, there’s a quick, low-cost alternative to time-consuming and costly re-piping. Sewer and drain blockages can often be solved with our fast and affordable hydro-jetting service.

Hydro-jetting is very efficient and won’t harm your pipes when done by a professional. Hydro-jetting services go beyond snaking the drains. Our expert Glendale plumbers can clean your sewer pipes completely, eliminating tough clogs and years of drain buildup with our state-of-the-art equipment.

Hydro-jetting plumbing can be the perfect solution for:
  • Severe clogs or plumbing pipe blockages: If you’ve tried plunging, snaking, and chemical cleaners, but nothing seems to resolve your clog, you may benefit from our hydro-jetting service.
  • Chronically slow drains: If your drains take forever to clear, hydro-jetting can clean them out, so they function correctly!
  • Preventive maintenance: When you schedule hydro-jetting regularly for plumbing maintenance, clogs don’t get the chance to form.