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Water Main Repair & Replacement

Water Main Repair & Replacement Services in Glendale & the Phoenix, Arizona Area

Your home’s main water supply line is a crucial component of its plumbing system. A damaged main will quickly deprive your home of safe water. So, if you’re dealing with water supply network problems, you want a solution that is both swift and effective. Bumble Bee Plumbing offers complete water main services, including repair and replacement.

Our local, family-owned and -operated plumbing company has been meeting the needs of home and business owners in Glendale and the Phoenix metro area since 2011. We have the training, expertise, and tools to meet all of your water main service needs, including:

We also provide whole-home repiping service and any other plumbing service you may need for your Glendale-area home. With our quick response times and customer-first service, it’s easy to see why we’re one of the best plumbing companies in and around Maricopa County, AZ!

Water Heater Repair Service in Glendale, AZ
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Water Main Line Repair & Replacement in the Glendale, AZ Area

Water lines are buried a few feet underground, meaning that they require both precision and care when they are being serviced. With Bumble Bee Plumbing, there’s no need to worry. Our team is highly experienced with water line repairs and replacements, and we can accurately diagnose problems and deliver effective solutions for any problem, regardless of how simple or complex it may be.

Our plumbers take care to not only provide top-quality service but also to protect your home and landscape. We make sure to pinpoint the problem before we get to work, and we only dig when and where it is needed. Once the job is done, we’ll leave the work area clean and clear of signs of excavation.

Do I Need Water Main Services?

It can be hard to tell when water main lines break, are leaking, or are experiencing other problems. If you start to notice any of these red flags, you probably need water main services, and it’s time to contact Bumble Bee Plumbing:

  • Unexplained low water pressure: Since water main lines are under a fair bit of pressure, you’ll lose much of that at your fixtures if there is a leak.
  • Areas of moisture or puddling in the yard: When a water line is cracked or damaged, pressurized water will escape. This water tends to move upward, eventually leading to puddles in your yard.
  • Puddles of water under crawl spaces or in the basement: The water main in a Phoenix home typically runs into the crawl space or basement before being distributed through the home. These pipes are exposed (when compared to main lines), making them more susceptible to damage than underground pipes.
  • Spikes in water bills: Keeping an eye on your monthly water bill is one of the best ways to identify a plumbing issue of any kind. Should your main line develop a leak, it will most likely make your water bill increase quite a lot.

Not sure if you need main water line services? Call 602-603-7811 or contact Bumble Bee Plumbing online to talk to an expert!

Water Line Plumbers in Glendale, AZ

While water line problems can be frustrating, you can rely on Bumble Bee Plumbing to provide the best in repairs and replacement services. We put your needs first and are proud to offer solutions that both minimize costs and maximize efficiency and quality.

Call 602-603-7811 or contact us online for any type of water main service in the Glendale and Phoenix areas, including underground water line repair! We come highly recommended, and we pride ourselves on customer service and satisfaction.

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