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Plumbers in Peoria, AZ

Are you in need of plumbing services for your Peoria-area home? If so, you don’t want just any random guy handling the issue—you need a skilled plumber who can provide fast, effective solutions. You need the experts at Bumble Bee Plumbing!

We’ve been providing local homeowners and businesses in Peoria the benefit of our training and experience for years. With our customer-focused approach, you’ll always know you called the best when you count on us.

The team at Bumble Bee Plumbing is licensed, insured, and bonded, letting you know that our team really cares about the quality and reliability of the work we do. Our priority is always offering our best, be it simple fixture installation, complex repiping, or routine drain cleaning. When you want pros you can trust, you want Bumble Bee Plumbing in Peoria!

Contact Bumble Bee Plumbing when you need service in Peacock Village, Suncliff, Colina Del Sur, or any of the surrounding neighborhoods in Peoria, AZ!

Water Heater Repair Service in Glendale, AZ

Plumbing Installation in Peoria, AZ

Our business is built on the principles of reliability, professionalism, and friendly service. When you need a plumbing installation contractor that will do the job, do it right, and ensure your needs are completely met, you’ll find no team better prepared to offer the best.

Reach out to the plumbing installers at Bumble Bee Plumbing in Peoria for:

Call 602-710-7981 or contact us online for top-rated plumbing service in and around Peoria, AZ! 

Peoria Plumbing Repair Services

With a leak or clog on your hands, it’s easy to get stressed out and frustrated. Our team understands just how trying a plumbing issue can be, and to ensure you get the priority response you need, we act fast and with deliberate attention.

Each service begins with a complete analysis so we can nail down the heart of the issue, and we’ll always check with you before beginning the repair process so that you understand what we need to do, why we need to do it, and what you can expect from the service.

Contact our plumbing repair contractors in Peoria for:

Need plumbing repairs at your Peoria home? Don’t call a handyman or random guy to help you—call Bumble Bee Plumbing for expert help!

Call 602-710-7981 or contact us online now! 

Drain Cleaning Service in Peoria

Drains are a critical component of any plumbing system. No matter how you’re using water or plumbing in your home, your drains are usually put to work! As drains handle wastewater in your home over time, they can accumulate buildup and debris, causing them to perform less effectively—or clog up altogether!

Whenever your home’s drains are slow, clogged, or backing up with wastewater, don’t hesitate to call Bumble Bee Plumbing! Our plumbers have seen and fixed it all when it comes to drains, and we’re ready to provide the service you need to restore your home’s drain system! Our drain services include:

  • Drain inspections: We’ll use state-of-the-art cameras and other equipment to check your entire drain system to identify areas of concern, as well as current problems that are causing plumbing issues, like backups.
  • Drain cleaning: Our plumbers use the latest tools, technology, and best practices to clear drains of debris and buildup that can slow them down or cause them to stop working.
  • Drain installation and replacement: When your home’s drains are damaged or have aged past the point of repair, we can install new drains and, if needed, sewer lines.
  • Drain rooter service: Sometimes, drain problems can be caused by issues deep in your sewer line, like tree root infiltration, a bent sewer line, or a collapsed sewer line. When that happens, we’re the team you can count on to locate the problem and provide professional drain rooter service to resolve the issue.
  • Drain maintenance: Drain service doesn’t just have to be reactive. By taking a proactive approach with our professional drain maintenance service, you can prevent major problems while gaining priceless peace of mind that your drain system is in peak condition.


To schedule drain service in Peoria, AZ, call 602-710-7981 or contact us online now! 

Water Heater Services in Peoria

A reliable water heater is essential for having constant hot water available in your home. The experienced team of experts at Bumble Bee Plumbing is equipped to provide you with comprehensive water heater services. Whether you need immediate repairs or want to upgrade your old water heater, turn to us for top-quality solutions and excellent customer service.

You can rely on us for:

  • Water heater installation and replacement: Having dependable hot water is a must. You need a reliable water heater that can handle your home’s hot water needs. Whether you’re installing a water heater in your new home or need to replace your current water heater, make us your first choice for your installation and replacement needs. We can install and replace any type and model of water heater you desire.
  • Water heater repair: When you find yourself suddenly without hot water, you need fast repairs. Bumble Bee Plumbing provides fast, cost-effective water heater repair services. You can get back to enjoying hot water in your home in no time. Our experts will get to the root of the problem and provide you with the right solution to give you peace of mind.
  • Tankless water heater services: If you’re looking to save space and have instant, reliable hot water, a tankless water heater may be a good option for you. Tankless water heaters are popular among homeowners because they don’t take up a lot of space, they’re low-maintenance, and they’re very energy-efficient. If you’re interested in a tankless water heater for your home, we’ll help you determine if it’s the right fit for your needs.
  • Electric water heater services: Many homeowners depend on electric water heaters to supply their homes with hot water. Electric water heaters are a popular choice because they provide fast and dependable hot water for every need.
  • Gas water heater services: If you’re looking for a powerful water heater, gas water heaters are an excellent option. You can get a tank or tankless gas water heater depending on your needs, and one of our experts will help you choose the right gas water heater option for your home or business’s hot water needs.


When you need water heater services in the Peoria area, make Bumble Bee Plumbing your top choice. We’re here to provide you with all your water heater needs from the moment you install your new water heater to repairs, maintenance, and the moment you need a replacement.

Contact us today to schedule a water heater service in Peoria by calling us at 602-710-7981 or reaching out to us online.

Superior Plumbers in Maricopa County

For plumbing services from a team that treats you as the priority at all times, call on Bumble Bee Plumbing. We’ve been serving Peoria, AZ homeowners for years, and we would be glad to do all we can to meet your expectations and needs.

Call 602-710-7981 or contact us online now to schedule plumbing service with a top-rated company in Peoria, AZ!

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