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Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning Services in Glendale, AZ

Do you have small blockages in your shower or sink? Or are you dealing with a slow-draining bathtub? If so, contact Bumble Bee Plumbing for expert drain cleaning services in Glendale and Phoenix, AZ, to clear those blockages!

We are a family-owned and operated plumbing and drain cleaning company, serving local homeowners and businesses since 2011. Our seasoned plumbers have decades of experience, and you can rely on our expertise whenever you’re dealing with drain problems. The team at Bumble Bee Plumbing takes residential plumbing services from ordinary to extraordinary, with loyal customers who believe in our exceptional services.

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We value our community and aim to have loyal customers always calling us for their plumbing needs. Here are some of the top reasons homeowners in Glendale choose us when they need drain cleaning or any other plumbing services:

  • We have a great crew and culture at our drain cleaning company. When you call us, you will receive an email with information about your tech and a photo.
  • We focus on training our technicians and continue to educate them to have the best team around. We work hard to achieve our goals together as a team.
  • Our pricing is genuinely dependent on the scope of the work; you will receive the most honest price that reflects the work that will be done.
  • Our team will do everything to satisfy you and fix the problem right the first time.


Bumble Bee Plumbing can help with numerous home services, such as water treatment, sewer line installation, and more. Call us to schedule a service!

How We Fix Clogged Drains

We respond quickly to calls about drain problems, ready to diagnose and repair the issue. We offer a variety of draining cleaning services in Glendale and Phoenix, AZ, including:

  • Hydro-Jetting: This method involves blasting water at high pressure to clean clogged or slow sewage lines. A nozzle is fed into your drain or the pipe, and when it encounters a clog, a high-pressure jet stream is used to dissolve the clog. Hydro-jetting is great for residential purposes, such as removing sand, silt, hair, and other residues that build up on the walls of the pipes.
  • Video Drain Inspection: It can be challenging to know precisely where a clog is since many pipes run far below the ground. A video plumbing inspection is an excellent method for finding the problem quickly, saving the extra time and hassle of digging up portions of pipes. A video plumbing inspection reduces the amount of damage to your outdoor landscaping, and then we know exactly how and where to fix the clog.
  • Drain Cabling: Drain cabling, also known as snaking, is the process of using a drain cable tool to clean severely clogged drains. Drain lines can be backed up for many different reasons, including roots and foreign objects being in the drains and more. Drain cabling will clear those stubborn clogs so your drains can start flowing freely again.
  • Enzyme Drain Cleaning: Enzyme-based drain cleaners are proving to be the safer drain cleaning method. Chemical-based cleaners can damage pipes; however, since enzyme drain cleaners are free of chemicals, they do not pose a risk to your pipes, surfaces, or septic system. Enzyme drain cleaners use bacteria that generate enzymes in the presence of organic matter, and the enzymes break the material of the clog into tiny pieces that can be easily flushed with water.
  • Sewer Drain Cleaning: It is essential to clean your sewers—they can accumulate everything you have flushed or poured down the drain, like the grease you put down a kitchen sink. Usually, there are tree roots that are trying to get into the joints since they are looking for water and nutrients in the pipes. No matter what the sewer issue might be, we have a team that can help.
  • Drain Repair: Drain issues are common, and without proper drainage, your home and landscape can be damaged. Standing water around your foundation can cause severe problems for your home. There are several reasons for having improper drainages, such as improper grading, settling, inadequate drain systems, and more.

For additional information, contact us or call to schedule a drain cleaning service.

Signs of a Clogged Sink, and How to Prevent Them

A professional, licensed drain cleaning plumber best diagnoses plumbing problems, but there are obvious signs of a clogged sink you can spot yourself to help pinpoint your problem. Here are three signs you need to call a plumber for drain cleaning in Glendale:

  • Slow drains: If your drain is slower than usual, it is vital to get your drains cleaned immediately before a significant clog occurs.
  • Mysterious odors: Strange odors from your plumbing fixtures are a result of a plumbing issue, which can form in the sewer line or another drain line.
  • Multiple clogged drains: Do your kitchen and bathroom plumbing pose the same issues? You might have a main sewer clog, which can cause multiple drains to clog at the same time.


We love helping Glendale homeowners avoid unnecessary plumbing costs. The best way to prevent clogged drains is to use them properly in the first place. Here are some other tips to prevent clogged drains:

  • Don’t put foreign objects down your drains: Foreign objects such as feminine products, tissues, and paper towels can clog drains. Avoid putting these down the drains, and your risk of clogs is significantly lower.
  • Avoid putting grease, fats, or oils down your drains: Don’t wash that bacon grease away. Wait for the grease to dry in the pan, wipe it up with a paper towel, and throw it away.
  • Put leftover food in the trash or compost heap: Your garbage disposal can only handle so much. Put leftover food in your trash can or in a compost pile to prevent broken garbage disposal.

The Price of Cleaning a Clogged Toilet in Glendale, AZ

How much does it cost to clean a clogged toilet in Glendale, AZ? Unfortunately, the most accurate answer is “it depends.” There are a couple of determining factors when it comes to hiring a professional drain cleaning plumber:

  • Cost to snake a drain: The price varies, and depending on the severity of the clog, it will determine the value to snake a drain.
  • Main sewer line clog cost: If more than one plumbing fixture is affected by clogging or draining slowly, it is most likely because of the sewer line being backed up. Sewer line services are dependent on how it needs to be cleaned out, such as using an exterior cleanout or going through a drain vent.
  • Hydro jetting, video inspections, and other repair costs: Video inspections can determine the condition of a line and the right spot for repairs. The repairs can be done by hydro-jetting or other means. The price varies depending on the severity of the situation.

DIY Drain Cleaning vs. Professional Drain Cleaning

It has happened to every household: You turn on the water in your sink, shower, or tub, and it starts to back up and not drain quickly. You run to your favorite grocery store or supermarket and pick up a drain cleaner. The truth is, these chemicals are harmful to your pipes, no matter if the bottle claims to be “safe on pipes.”

Hiring a Glendale plumber for drain cleaning services will prevent the damage that over-the-counter drain cleaners can cause. Here are some signs it’s time to call in a professional:

  • Standing water accumulation: Standing water in your shower, washing machine, or sink is signaling that there is a worsening drainage problem. If these places start to drain slower, or worse, not drain at all, call our team immediately.
  • Unpleasant smell: A gas or sewage smell should be investigated immediately since these are signs of more significant issues.
  • Slow draining: The drain cleaners at the grocery may “fix” this issue temporarily, but the only way to get rid of slow draining is to call a professional like us.


To schedule a drain cleaning with one of Glendale and Phoenix’s leading plumbing companies, contact us online or by phone. We’re looking forward to serving you!

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