Why Is My Water Pressure So Weak?

Water pressure systems are a complex series of plumbing components used to maintain a regular flow of water throughout a house. Poor water pressure causes faucets and showers to barely trickle when on. That’s one of the main ways homeowners recognize a problem in their system. Whenever and however you notice weak water pressure in your […]

Clogged Tub Troubleshooting Tips

Is your bathtub slow to drain or completely clogged? When water doesn’t properly drain and begins pooling around your feet, it can feel like your taking an involuntary bath while showering. Any water that fails to drain and is left behind in the tub is called standing water. Standing water can pose several health risks. Any bacteria […]

Why Won’t My Sink Drain?

A woman using a plunger in a kitchen sink.

Sinks drain slowly and clog for all sorts of reasons. Usually, the main culprits of slow-draining sinks or clogs are soap scum, hair, an item clogging the P-trap (pipes under your sink), or pipe damage. As you probably know, sink clogs can come in many shapes and sizes. In some instances, you can remove these […]