When you think about gas line installation in Glendale, AZ, do you think about local plumbers? You might ask the question: Can a plumber install a gas line? The answer is yes. At Bumble Bee Plumbing, our plumbers do more than repair and install water lines or make drain repairs. Our licensed plumbers also install gas lines. If your home needs gas line installation, read on to learn more about the reasons to call a plumber for this job.

Safe Gas Line Installation in Glendale

Plumbers install gas lines to replace damaged lines, extend existing residential gas lines, and install new lines for a new build. While you should always get licensed plumbers involved in any water-related plumbing issue at your home, they can also service any natural gas-related issues. These professionals know how to complete the job correctly and safely while complying with municipal building codes.

Incorrectly installed gas lines can cause the following hazards:

  • Carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Chemical exposure
  • Fire or explosion hazards
  • Natural gas leaks

You’ve probably heard about the dangers of carbon monoxide (CO), but the warning bears repeating. A silent, invisible gas, CO becomes fatal when it builds up in enclosed spaces like your home. Incorrectly installed gas lines can emit CO and lead to illness or sudden death. Experts have the training to install gas lines properly to eliminate this risk.

Not only might improper installation lead to CO poisoning, but it can also lead to nitrogen oxide and methane exposure. These chemicals can cause ear, nose, and throat irritation. Long-term exposure can lead to more serious health complications, such as respiratory illnesses and an increased cancer risk. You lower your risk of chemical exposure related to natural gas by always hiring a licensed plumber.

Perhaps the greatest risk of an incorrectly installed gas line is a fire or explosion. It’s rare, but it does happen. Many things can lead to a deadly incident, like a home explosion, but an improperly installed gas line increases fire risk. You don’t even need an open flame to ignite a gas leak because any electrical device, such as your phone or light switch, can create a spark. When you hire professionals to install gas lines, you reduce the risk of extensive structural damage to your residence and possible threats to your household’s well-being caused by gas line fires and explosions.

Gas leaks can cause substantial financial expenses. In the event of a gas leak, you may need to temporarily relocate until repairs are completed. You can avoid these associated repair costs by hiring qualified plumbers to handle all gas line installations and any associated repairs.

Plumbers Know Pipes

While water, sewer, and gas pipes are all different, installing them has more similarities than differences. That’s why hiring a plumber qualified to work with gas lines is usually your best option for appliances like gas water heaters, stoves, and dryers. These professionals go through thousands of hours of training in the classroom and the field, learning about the safest, most effective pipes for gas line installation.

Their training gives them the information they need to choose pipe materials that are less likely to corrode and cause silent gas leaks. They know how to repair, retrofit, install, and bury pipelines to ensure your safety. They understand how to handle natural gas pipe installation to prevent gas leaks and other hazards.

The Law Might Require It

Municipalities want to protect their citizens and their citizen’s property. One way they do this is by establishing laws or building code requirements. These municipalities require licensed professionals to install gas pipes and often require permits for the job — and don’t think about getting the permit yourself. It’s not allowed. Only licensed professionals meeting the municipality’s requirements can apply for permits.

Are you in an area that doesn’t require a license? Are you considering hiring a handyman or installing the line yourself? You should still hire a licensed plumber to mitigate any potential hazards caused by natural gas and ensure the job gets done safely.

Plumbers Protect Your Gas-Powered Appliances

Natural gas appliances have become increasingly popular in homes throughout the area, especially among homeowners who want to reduce their dependence on electricity. According to the American Gas Association (AGA), homes that use natural gas rather than all-electric appliances have 22% lower emissions.

If you’re building a new home, working closely with a licensed professional can ensure your home meets specific gas line requirements for the gas-powered appliances you plan to install. For example, are you planning on building an outdoor kitchen with a gas-powered grill connected to your home’s gas line? A job like this requires a significant amount of gas line work. Hiring a plumber to help you design and install its gas components gives you the best experience and ensures your household’s safety.

How to Choose the Best Plumber

At Bumble Bee Plumbing, we always prioritize safety, and so should every other plumbing company in town. However, not all plumbing companies hold the same values that we do. When you decide to install a gas line, you must hire plumbers with experience working with gas lines. Not every plumber has this experience.

As you begin the process of getting bids and selecting the best plumber for the job, verify the company’s licensing. While verifying the plumber’s credentials, make sure to get their insurance information, too. Things can happen during the installation process, even to experienced plumbers. You don’t want to find yourself financially on the hook if something goes wrong. For your convenience, you can find our licensing information in the footer of our webpage.

Also, don’t feel bad asking the plumbing company how many gas line installations they do each year. Companies that perform many natural gas pipe installations are more at ease with the process, have more knowledge about piping materials, and are better equipped to deliver exceptional gas line installation.

Top-Rated Gas Line Installation

Are you searching for a plumber to help you with gas line installation or another plumbing repair? At Bumble Bee Plumbing, we take pride in our workmanship and always make safety a priority. Giving our customers peace of mind matters to us.

We’re a family-owned and operated business in Glendale, AZ and the surrounding Phoenix metro area. Our highly trained professional plumbers help you keep your home’s plumbing in tip-top shape. In addition to gas pipe installation, we also offer the following services:

  • Bathroom and kitchen plumbing
  • Drain cleaning and repair
  • Water pipe installation and repair
  • Sewer pipe installation and repair
  • Repiping
  • Water treatment solutions

Your home is your sanctuary, providing solitude and comfort. You deserve to work with professionals who put you first. At Bumble Bee Plumbing, our dedication to customer-focused service is reflected in our many awards, including recognition from Angi, HomeAdvisor, the BBB, and the Glendale Chamber of Commerce, to name a few.

To schedule professional gas line installation in Glendale, call Bumble Bee Plumbing today and find out what all the buzz is about!

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