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Why Won’t My Sink Drain?

Sinks drain slowly and clog for all sorts of reasons. Usually, the main culprits of that slow-draining sinks or clogs are soap scum, hair, an item clogging the P-trap (pipes under your sink), or pipe damage.

The last issue is, of course, the most complex and may require a visit from your friendly and skilled Phoenix plumber for drain inspection and repair.

To narrow down the cause of the problem, here are some DIY tips for fixing sink drain problems.

How to Unclog Your Bathroom Sink

If a more minor issue is the root of your sink drain problems, these tips can help you get your sink drain working properly again:

  • Remove the stopper. It may pull right out (pull gently). If you feel resistance, you’ll first need to unscrew the pivot rod nut under the sink, below the stopper.
  • Clean the end of the rod. This may be gunky with hair and soap scum since the end sits inside the pipe below your drain, controlling the stopper. Once the rod is clean, the stopper should easily lift out.
  • Remove the clog. Bend a wire into a thin hook shape. Part of a lightweight wire hanger should work. Probe down the sink drain and pull out the messy clog. You’ll likely want to clean off the formerly hidden lower part of the sink stopper too.
  • Replace the stopper. Drop the stopper back into place in the sink drain. Then, reattach the pivot rod under the sink. Stick the end of the rod back into the pipe under the sink and jiggle it, to line it up with the hole in the lower end of your sink stopper. Then, screw the nut back on and run water in the sink to check your results.

If the sink still drains slowly after trying the above tips, next, try to:

  • Plunge it. Use a sink plunger and, if necessary, run a few inches of water into the sink to make the plunger work better. Plant the plunger over the drain, plunging forcefully until the water drains. Give it a few good tries–if water drains quickly/properly, the problem should be solved. The drain may slow down again soon, however, because you’ve likely only loosened the clog.
  • Use an auger. These are available at your local hardware store if you don’t have one in your garage. Feed the auger snake down the drain until you feel resistance, the clog. Reel the auger back up. This should fish out the nasty clog.
  • Clean the trap. You’ll see a P-shaped (or U-shaped) section of pipe beneath your bathroom sink. Put a big bucket under the pipe to catch trapped water. Unscrew the rings in the pipe at either end of the P or U-shaped pipe section. Clean this out the removed section of pipe. Then, replace it and test the sink, leaving the bucket in place, in case you haven’t fully tightened everything.

If none of these tips helpor if you simply want help from an expert plumbercall Bumblebee Plumbing for professional drain cleaning in Glendale.

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