Reasons Why Your Bathroom Sink Smells Like Rotten Eggs

Residential bathroom sink

When you enter your bathroom, there are a few smells you expect and some that can catch you completely off-guard. If you walk into your bathroom to use the sink and encounter a strong aroma of rotten eggs, then there is a serious issue that needs to get addressed by the professionals. However, before you […]

Can I Call an Emergency Plumber When a Pipe Bursts?

Your worst nightmare as a homeowner is discovering a plumbing leak, especially one that’s been wreaking havoc on your home for quite some time. In this situation, it’s easy to panic! But the team at Bumble Bee Plumbing is here to set your mind at ease and help guide you through what you should do […]

How Do I Know When to Buy a New Toilet?

caulking toilet base

Like most parts of your plumbing system, you probably employ an “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” approach when it comes to your toilet.  For the most part, that’s the best approach to take. After all, your toilet will tell you when something is wrong. But it’s good to know when it’s time to […]

Clogged Drain Troubleshooting Tips

Woman Using Plunger In Sink

When you’re going about your busy day, the last thing you need is to run across a clogged drain. The good news is you may be able to troubleshoot the clog yourself without too much trouble. Consider what might have caused the drain to clog in the first place. Then, follow our expert tips to […]

Clogged Tub Troubleshooting Tips

Is your bathtub slow to drain or completely clogged? When water doesn’t properly drain and begins pooling around your feet, it can feel like your taking an involuntary bath while showering. Any water that fails to drain and is left behind in the tub is called standing water. Standing water can pose several health risks. Any bacteria […]

Why Won’t My Sink Drain?

A woman using a plunger in a kitchen sink.

Sinks drain slowly and clog for all sorts of reasons. Usually, the main culprits of slow-draining sinks or clogs are soap scum, hair, an item clogging the P-trap (pipes under your sink), or pipe damage. As you probably know, sink clogs can come in many shapes and sizes. In some instances, you can remove these […]