Your worst nightmare as a homeowner is discovering a plumbing leak, especially one that’s been wreaking havoc on your home for quite some time. In this situation, it’s easy to panic! But the team at Bumble Bee Plumbing is here to set your mind at ease and help guide you through what you should do when you discover a burst pipe in your home.

First of all, burst pipes are not your average water leak. A dripping faucet, although a plumbing problem in its own right, is not considered an emergency. A burst pipe, on the other hand, gushes water at an alarming rate and can waste up to 4,000 gallons of water a day, depending on the location of the leak. So, don’t waste time asking yourself if you can call an emergency plumber when a pipe bursts—the answer is yes! You should call an emergency plumber as soon as possible to minimize any water damage to your home.

What Can Cause a Pipe to Burst


What to Do When a Pipe Bursts: 4 Steps to Take

  1. Call an Emergency Plumber When Your Pipe Bursts: This is the first thing you should do if you come across a burst pipe in your home. It’s important to get a professional to your house as soon as possible so they can provide a permanent solution to your plumbing emergency.
  2. Turn Off the Water Supply: After calling a plumber, try to reduce the amount of water damage by turning off the water supply. To do this, find the water shut-off valve, usually located in front of your home near a hose bib, and turn the handle or knob to stop the flow of water. If you can’t find the water shut-off valve in front of your home, also check around the sides of your house, the basement, or the crawlspace (if you have one). DO NOT turn off the water supply at the meter—this requires a special tool, and you will be responsible for any damage incurred.
  3. Clean Up the Water: If you can easily access the water damage, clean up as much water as you can to avoid mold and mildew growth in that area. Use towels to soak up the water and dry the area with a portable heater.
  4. Drain the Faucets: To remove any water left in your plumbing pipes, drain the faucets in your household. Your Toilet Clogs Constantly

Sign It’s Time to Call an Emergency Plumber for a Burst Pipe

Sometimes, a burst pipe is not evident, and you have to look for other signs that it’s time to call an emergency plumber. Some signs of a burst pipe include:

  • Fluctuating Water Pressure: Do you have running water one minute and poor water pressure the next? This is a sign you should call an emergency plumber for a burst pipe. Low water pressure occurs when water exits the pipe through the hole instead of going directly to your faucets.
  • Puddles of Water: As a homeowner, you should always be concerned to discover standing water under the sink or on the floor, as this is a definite indicator of a burst pipe.
  • Clogging or Dripping Noises in the Walls: Once in a while, you’ll be able to hear a burst pipe. Clanging noises come from shaking pipes, whereas dripping noises (that aren’t connected to faucets or other plumbing fixtures) signify a burst pipe behind your walls.
  • Wall Stains: This is a great sign that it’s time to call an emergency plumber for a burst pipe! Wall stains are caused by water damage and pinpoint the relative location of the burst pipe.
  • Mold and Mildew Problems: If mold and mildew have already set in, your burst pipe is not a recent problem. It’s best to act fast in this situation to avoid even more issues.
    High Water Bills: A water bill that spikes exponentially without the increased use of water in your home points to a problem. This alone isn’t enough to indicate a burst pipe, but when combined with other symptoms, you can be sure it’s time to call an emergency plumber.

Turn to Bumble Bee Plumbing if You’re Dealing with a Burst Pipe

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