It’s always quite a surprise, and never a welcome one, when your toilet won’t flush. Whenever that happens in your Glendale or Phoenix home, the team at Bumble Bee Plumbing is here for you, ready to help.

While these tips may help you fix the problem, remember that we’re just a call or a click away, ready to help you solve any plumbing, water pressure, drain, or sewer problems you may have.

Reasons Your Toilet Won’t Flush

The most common reasons for non-flushing toilets include:
  • Toilet clogs: This can occur due to gradual buildup, which finally blocks even toilet paper from flushing away. Clogs can happen if something was flushed that should not be, like a child’s toy or a sock (yes, we have seen this happen). To be on the safe side, only flush toilet paper, and don’t trust baby wipes that say “safe to flush.” If your toilet is clogged, call us for fast, professional toilet drain cleaning in Glendale and other nearby areas.
  • Low tank water levels: If the tank water gets too low and it’s nowhere near the top of the overflow tube, the toilet won’t have enough water to flush.
  • Broken flappers: If the flapper (tank stopper) is cracked or not completely covering the hole at the bottom of the tank, the tank cannot refill for future flushing.
  • Chain problems: If the chain attached to the flush lever (inside the toilet tank) is broken, disconnected, too short, or too long, it won’t pull up (open up) the flapper properly. That means that the flapper won’t uncover the hole, so tank water cannot flow into the toilet bowl for flushing.
  • Cracked overflow tubes: This also prevents the tank from filling and from providing water for a strong flush.
  • Low water pressure: This robs your flush of the force it needs to work properly. Call us and we will get to the root of your problem with our water pressure services.

How to Fix a Toilet That Won’t Flush

  • Conquer toilet clogs with a plunger or toilet auger. If your toilet clogs often, be sure to call Bumble Bee Plumbing for a proper diagnosis of your plumbing problem. You may have a clog further down the pipe system or even damaged pipes. Both will only get worse without professional diagnosis and repair.
  • Fix the low tank water level by ensuring the water supply valve is turned on. It’s usually found on the wall behind your toilet.
  • Resolve a toilet flapper issue with a replacement kit from your local hardware store. Directions on the packaging are typically very clear, and the process is simple.
  • Repair a toilet lift chain by reattaching it to the flush handle, if disconnected. If the chain is too long/loose or too short/tight to properly control the flapper, adjust the length and reattach it.
  • Replace a broken overflow tube. If none of the above is preventing your tank from filling, a cracked overflow tube may be to blame. This part will often be included in the flapper kit with simple instructions.

Why Choose Bumble Bee Plumbing in Phoenix?

At Bumble Bee Plumbing, customer care is our #1 priority. We’re dedicated to providing friendly, expert Phoenix plumbing services, with honest, open communication. That includes getting to the bottom of why your toilet won’t flush properly.

Our certified plumbers will clearly explain your plumbing issue, recommend the best solutions, and make a prompt repair. We come prepared, with high-tech tools and commonly needed parts, so we’re equipped to make nearly any fix. We truly appreciate the trust you place in us to work in your home, and we guarantee your total satisfaction.

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