Hot water is an important part of everyday life. Whether cleaning the dishes or washing your hands, you want to know that your sink will be able to provide hot water when you need it. However, several problems can occur, leaving you to deal with water that is downright cold to the touch.

If the water in your kitchen is cold, there are several potential causes — which means there are several potential solutions. There’s no reason to worry, though. Below, we’ll discuss the top reasons there’s no hot water in your kitchen sink.

Closed Hot Water Valve

It’s best to start with the easiest solution, right? If you’ve discovered no hot water in your kitchen sink, you’ll want to turn to the hot water valve first. Your sink should have two water valves: one that’s strictly for hot water and another that’s for cold.

Check to see if the hot water valve is open. If the valve is closed, this will prevent hot water from reaching your faucet. When plumbers find hot water not working in kitchen sinks, they’ll likely check for this problem first. Once you’ve ruled out this potential cause, you can try the next solution.

Water Line Blockage

Mineral buildup can block the water lines leading to your kitchen sink. When one of these blockages occurs in your hot water supply, your sink faucet will only be able to provide you with cold water. If no water comes out, you know that you have a clog in the hot water inlet.

You can perform a test to see if a mineral blockage is to blame. First, turn off the cold water supply beneath the sink. Once you’ve done this, loosen the cartridge and switch on the hot water.

Don’t worry if you don’t feel comfortable performing a test, though. You can always contact an expert for help. When plumbers come across the hot water not working in kitchen sinks, they can check to see if a blocked water line is to blame.

Clogged Faucet Cartridge

All single-handle faucets have a cartridge that controls the flow of hot and cold water. However, mineral buildup can clog this cartridge — which can keep hot water from flowing as it should.

If you think you have a clogged faucet cartridge on your hands, you can try cleaning the cartridge. You will need a few supplies, but the task is relatively straightforward to complete.

How To Clean a Kitchen Faucet Cartridge

First, you’ll need to turn off the water supply to the faucet. Once you’ve successfully done this, you can remove the faucet handle with either a screwdriver or Allen wrench — whichever you have on hand or can find at a home improvement store. Next, it’s time to remove the cartridge. We recommend using needle-nose pliers during this step, but regular pliers can work as well.

Now that you’ve removed the cartridge, it’s cleaning time. As a first step, you’ll want to scrub the cartridge with an old toothbrush. Once you’ve done this, fill a bucket with white vinegar and soak the cartridge overnight.

Water Heater Corrosion

When you find no hot water in your kitchen sink, you might immediately think of your water heater — which is understandable. The water heater in your home is largely responsible for the amount of hot water you receive regularly. Water heaters can corrode as they get older, which means they can start to leak. These leaks will negatively affect your hot water pressure and supply.

Some water heater leaks are easier to fix than others. If the tank is getting old, it may be more beneficial to schedule a replacement in the long run.

Water Heater Failure

When plumbers are called to fix the hot water not working in kitchen sinks, they’ll certainly make sure to check the water heater for potential failure. A lack of hot water can be caused by faulty heating elements. However, it’s also possible that the entire water heater is failing.

If you suspect a problem with your water heater, don’t hesitate to call an emergency plumber in Glendale, AZ, for help. Water heaters are important appliances, and they should always be handled by a qualified professional.

Need a Professional Plumber? Call Bumble Bee Plumbing

Although having no hot water in your kitchen sink is a frustrating problem, there’s no reason to panic. Once you’ve gone through the potential causes listed above, you’ll have a better understanding of the problem and how to fix it.
At Bumble Bee Plumbing, our experts know how to handle hot water not working in kitchen sinks. Whether you need a water heater replacement or plumbing repair in Phoenix, AZ, we’re here to provide you with a suitable solution. Contact us today for more information about our plumbing services!

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