It’s no secret that food particles, grease, and other everyday items can clog your kitchen and bathroom sink drains. Of course, it always comes as a surprise when we turn on our faucets and notice that the water is draining much slower than usual.

When you encounter a frustrating drain clog, you probably want the quickest and most effective solution. If you’ve been browsing your options and looking for products that you can buy, you might be considering enzyme-based cleaners. These cleaners are unique, in that they’re specifically designed to introduce good bacteria cultures to your plumbing system.

But do enzyme drain cleaners work? Are these products the best solution for you and your needs? It’s important to be informed so that you can make the best decision for your home’s plumbing. Let’s discuss whether or not enzyme drain cleaners are effective.

Enzyme Vs. Chemical Drain Cleaners

When you head to the store in search of a drain cleaning solution, you’ll find the aisles littered with chemical drain cleaners. Although these products are known to be effective and fast-acting, they contain strong chemicals that can damage your plumbing system. These chemicals often include hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide, among others.

Instead of using caustic drain cleaners that contain harsh chemicals, some homeowners choose to use enzyme-based products. The good news is that enzyme cleaners are safe on plumbing, including septic systems.

Although you can rest assured knowing that enzyme-based cleaners will be gentle on your drains, you probably still have many questions about these products. Namely, do enzyme drain cleaners work against stubborn blockages? The answer to this specific question isn’t as straightforward as you might assume.

Enzyme Drain Cleaners Work Slowly

When it comes down to it, the short answer is yes. Enzyme drain cleaners are effective — but only to a certain extent. These drain cleaners work uniquely, in that they contain living organisms that feed on organic materials such as food scraps.

Since this feeding process is much gentler than if you were to dump a potent chemical drain cleaner into your drain, you can expect enzymatic drain cleaners to work at a much slower pace. This slow process might be inconvenient or frustrating for some homeowners looking for a quick, effective solution.

Enzyme Cleaners Aren’t Best for Tough Clogs

Although enzyme drain cleaners are effective to some degree, it’s important to point out that they aren’t always the best solution. You might want to avoid these cleaners if you’re in search of an immediate fix for large, stubborn drain clogs.

All-in-all, enzyme drain cleaners are a suitable solution if you’re looking for drain maintenance products. These drain cleaners can help keep organic materials from collecting in your drains, but if you want to remove a tough blockage that’s already formed, you might not see the results you’re looking for.

What Is the Best Drain Cleaner for You?

Sure, enzyme drain cleaners do work — but the results they provide might not meet your expectations. Fortunately, many other drain cleaning methods are worth considering.

For example, you might want to consider the benefits of snaking a clogged drain. Drain snakes are common plumbing tools and can easily be found at your local home improvement store. These tools are used to physically remove the blockage, as opposed to flushing it out or dissolving the clog with chemicals.

Professional drain cleaning services are also an option. For example, Bumble Bee Plumbing can assist you with a drain cleaning in Phoenix, AZ, that meets your needs. We offer a broad selection of solutions, including hydro jetting and drain cabling, to remove the blockage promptly. Our methods are much safer than chemical-based drain cleaners and more effective than enzyme-based cleaners.

Although enzyme drain cleaners are effective in some instances, you’ll want to consider the best possible solution for your needs. This includes a professional drain cleaning service.

Clear Clogged Drains with Bumble Bee Plumbing!

It’s no secret that enzyme drain cleaners do work, but the results they provide can be underwhelming for those looking for a fast and thorough drain-cleaning solution. If you have a stubborn drain clog and want to get rid of the problem as soon as possible, turn to Bumble Bee Plumbing for assistance.

Our team of experts is proud to provide Phoenix plumbing and drain services that meet and exceed expectations. If you’re ready to schedule an appointment, get in touch with us today!

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