How Much Does Hydro-Jetting Cost?

Bumble Bee plumber hydro-jetting a sewer line in Phoenix, AZ.

It’s only natural that your home’s drains become clogged over time. When your drain clogs, there’s a chance you probably first consider using a plunger or having your drains snaked.

How to Get Rid of Drain Flies

A drain fly on a wet kitchen surface in Glendale, AZ.

Have you noticed tiny, moth-like flies hanging around your sinks, showers, or bathtub? As it turns out, these bugs aren’t regular moths, nor are they your typical fruit flies. They’re drain flies — insects that can live up to three weeks and reproduce every 48 hours.

What are the Best Drain Cleaning Methods?

Woman trying to unclogged kitchen sink drain with plunger.

If you’re dealing with slow drains in your sink or tub, it’s likely that you have a clogged drain. While it’s possible there’s a blockage further down your plumbing system, that’s usually not the case. Before jumping to have someone check out your sewer line, consider taking steps to break up grease clogs and prevent […]

What is Hydro Jetting? What are its Benefits?

Bumble Bee plumber checking inspection camera while cleaning sewer line with hydro jetting machine.

When you’re dealing with a slow drain, the problem might be a particularly stubborn clog or even a sewer blockage. In either case, hydro jetting is one of the best ways to have your pipes cleaned. It’s highly effective while also carrying no risks of environmental harm, as there are no chemical cleaners in the […]

Clogged Drain Troubleshooting Tips

Woman Using Plunger In Sink

When you’re going about your busy day, the last thing you need is to run across a clogged drain. The good news is you may be able to troubleshoot the clog yourself without too much trouble. Consider what might have caused the drain to clog in the first place. Then, follow our expert tips to […]

Clogged Tub Troubleshooting Tips

Is your bathtub slow to drain or completely clogged? When water doesn’t properly drain and begins pooling around your feet, it can feel like your taking an involuntary bath while showering. Any water that fails to drain and is left behind in the tub is called standing water. Standing water can pose several health risks. Any bacteria […]